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Protecting Your Rights

Payton Employment Law, PC (the “Firm”) is a law firm with two offices in Los Angeles and Antelope Valley that is dedicated to the practice of employment law throughout the state of California.  During this unprecedented time, our team is fully operating and ready to assist on a remote basis.   


Founded by attorney Chantal McCoy Payton, the Firm is committed to providing the highest-quality representation to employees who have suffered from the illegal conduct of their employers.   


Payton Employment Law, PC and its team take special pride in assisting victims of unlawful conduct in the workplace, whatever form that it takes.  The Firm handles all types of employment cases for its employee clients, including cases arising from an employer’s discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, unpaid wages, overtime, and commissions, failure to provide legally compliant breaks, and other violations of the California Labor Code.  The Firm also handles wage and hour class action and Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”) matters in cases where violations of the California Labor Code of widespread which effect many employees. 


The Firm represents employees of all professions, and in all stages of their career, in navigating workplace disputes and aggressively advocating for financial compensation when employers have failed to follow the law.  The Firm has represented business executives, founders of technology companies, attorneys, doctors, schoolteachers, other professionals, and workers in the healthcare, retail, service, construction, hospitality industries, and more.   


Throughout her career, Chantal Payton has obtained numerous six-figure settlements, including single-plaintiff, multi-plaintiff, class action, and PAGA action settlements, as well as multiple favorable judgments for her clients.  Her attorney staff at Payton Employment Law, PC are likewise accomplished, having attained similar achievements prior to joining and/or while a member of the Firm. 


Payton Employment Law, PC is committed to working with its clients on an individual, high-attention level, to return all calls promptly, and to become your ally in aggressively pursuing maximum financial recovery when you have suffered from mistreatment in working conditions, payment of wages, or by wrongful termination. 

The Firm works tirelessly to obtain compensation on behalf of employees whose rights have been violated as described above, including but not limited to money damages for harm suffered, money damages as punishment to the employer, reinstatement, and other kinds of specific relief.  When prosecuting claims on behalf of employees, the Firm represents employees on a contingency basis, meaning we don’t charge our clients anything unless we’re able to recover money for them. 

What Sets Us Apart?


Putting their clients’ needs and goals at the forefront, Chantal McCoy Payton and her team at Payton Employment Law, PC (the “Firm”) take great pride in providing genuine support, guidance, and counsel to their clients as they work to achieve their goals.  The Firm remains dedicated to vindicating their employee clients’ rights by fiercely advocating for them at critical times in these employees’ lives when they have been wronged at work and need an ally more than ever.  In doing so, Ms. Payton and her firm have gained the trust, respect, and admiration of their current, former, and prospective clients, and numerous attorneys in the community who recommend and refer the Firm to their friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, and clients.  The Firm maintains an excellent reputation among those individuals and in the legal community at large and makes it a priority to continue to do so.

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