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Robert V. Torres, Esq.

Senior Trial Attorney

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Robert V. Torres has been a civil trial attorney since 1989 and has over 30 years of litigation and trial experience.  Robert joined Payton Employment Law in 2020, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience in Employment Law and civil trial practice.  Since 1994, the primary focus of his practice has been Employment Law.  He also has extensive experience in personal injury and business litigation as well.

Wrongful termination and civil rights, including discrimination, harassment and retaliation claims have been the primary focus of Robert’s practice throughout his career. 

He has tried numerous cases to jury verdicts in cases involving sexual harassment, racial harassment, race discrimination, national origin discrimination, sex discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, and whistleblower retaliation as well as personal injury cases.  Additionally, Robert has also successfully litigated and obtained substantial settlements in cases involving pregnancy discrimination, Family and Medical Leave Act claims, and cancer discrimination.  Robert has also litigated labor law claims including minimum wage, overtime, meal and/or rest break violations, PAGA (Private Attorneys General Act) claims, and class actions.

Robert has represented hundreds of employees in cases involving just about every kind of case of employment discrimination, sexual harassment, race harassment, and wrongful termination, against some of the world’s largest corporations and their formidable national and international law firms.  Though most cases ultimately resolve by settlement, Robert has tried numerous jury trials to verdict as well as numerous arbitration cases to final award.  Robert has also mediated hundreds of cases with substantial success.  Robert’s mission is to obtain the best possible result for his clients in every case.  When a case cannot be settled to his client’s satisfaction, Robert is always ready, willing, and able to take the case to the jury (or arbitrator).

Robert Torres graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles in 1986, and Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles in 1989.  He was admitted to the State Bar of California, Federal District Court for the Central District of California, and the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeal in 1989.  He has also practiced in Federal Courts outside of California, being admitted pro hac vice. 

Robert is fluent in Spanish and has represented many Spanish speaking clients.


Contact Information

          (424) 334-3194 Ex. 702 or (661) 434-1144 Ex. 702

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