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Karen Zelaya

Litigation Manager and Paralegal (Habla español)

Karen Headshot.JPG

Karen Zelaya has been working with Payton Employment Law since 2018.  She has nearly seven years of employment law experience as a paralegal and has primarily focused on plaintiffs’-side employment law matters throughout her career. Karen holds an Associates Degree in Paralegal Studies and a Paralegal Certificate approved by the American Bar Association.

In her role, Karen helps the firm manage its employment cases throughout the litigation process.  She supports our attorneys by assisting with tasks at all stages of litigation, including document management, court document filing and service, discovery, drafting of pleadings, correspondence, briefs, and trial preparation.  Karen has experience assisting with discrimination, harassment, and retaliation cases, as well as wage and hour matters, including class action and Private Attorneys General Act (“PAGA”) cases.

Karen is also fluent in Spanish.

Contact Information

          (424) 334-3194 Ex. 710

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