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Top Reviews from Former Clients of Payton Employment Law, PC and its Staff

“I really had a great experience with this company.  They are very attentive and understanding to your situation. This company is my first choice whenever I have concerns or if I'm put in a bad situation. If I could give more than 5 stars I definitely would!”

– Bianka J., September 5, 2020,

“I started communication in 2019 with Payton Employment Law and decided to enter into formal legal representation in 2020. I want to applaud this company for staying patient with me and really dedicating their time to really creating a successful game plan that ended up in a victory. I would recommend Payton Employment Law, led by the amazing professional Esquire Chantal Payton. They will get your situation understood while treating you with respect, having patience and getting you results. I am thankful for their services.”

             – Oliver B., July 4, 2021,


“I highly recommend seeking legal counsel from Payton Employment law. The entire team of attorneys at law are dedicated, knowledgeable, efficient, and most importantly human.  You have the sense that they fight for you first and foremost and show no judgement upon the client. They pay great attention to the emotional struggles you are experience and offer very delicate solutions. My case was successfully settled in less than 7 months without the need of going through mediation. Thank you for your help!”

             – Sandra L., June 29, 2021,


“Payton Employment Law was able to assist me with a very complicated lawsuit with a company I had worked for. They helped encourage and guide me through the process with such a profound amount of support, that I could never thank them enough for what they did for me. They are a great law firm that truly wants to do what's best for their clients and achieve the best results possible. They never hesitated to stand up for me and behind me in the process and I felt like I truly had someone who had my back, dealing with such a corrupt company. I am forever grateful for what they did for me, and really can't put into words how grateful I am for them. I highly recommend them!!!!!!”

             – Alexis M., June 11, 2021,


“Chantal has represented me twice. She is professional, intelligent, and also has a kind heart. Everyone that works at her office is very professional as well. This whole process was smooth and seemed so easy whereas if I got another attorney, it would've probably been a mess. She was honest (which is also hard to find in an attorney) and understanding. Cannot say enough about this team!!!! She is amazing and I would recommend her to EVERYONE!”

             – Nicky H., April 28, 2021,


“I want people to know if you need an employment lawyer that will fight for you, Ms. Payton is the one. Everything I called or emailed her, she replied to the next day or the next day. She listens and goes out of her way…Ashley Kasten the paralegal, was awesome…Thank you for having patience.”

             – Frank W., March 14, 2021,


“I would like to first thank EVERYBODY at Payton Employment Law for their dedication to my case. They were able to provide a positive outcome for myself and I was very satisfied with the outcome. I contacted [Chantal] and her firm shortly after the pandemic had started in 2020 and in less than a year. [Chantal] Payton and her very professional staff were able to negotiate a settlement and separation from my previous employer in less than a year. They were very honest about how long it could take for this process to come full circle so to speak and encouraged patience. I highly recommend this firm for any employee related legal issues, questions or anything you may need an Employment lawyer for.”

             – Garrett H., March 14, 2021,


“I just want to thank the Payton Employment Law, PC for their dedication in litigating my employment situation…[T]he outcome was positive on my behalf due to the professional, thorough, and astute staff and their processes for litigating on behalf of their clients. They were able to come to a positive resolution within month[s] of presenting my case.  I highly recommend this law firm.”

             – Denise B., March 14, 2021,

“Super prompt action on my case. Staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. I felt that my case was in the best hands and got taken care of in my best interest. 10/10 definitely recommended.”

             – Erick B., March 13, 2021,

“I had a work related case with Chantal and Robert, and I was very happy with the work they did and the results. My settlement was resolved... Excellent Lawyers!!”

– Amelia L., December 19, 2020,

“I really loved this firm.. they do care for their clients we are not just that.  They care as they know us forever... I had questions they answered me right away.. if you need them for anything they call you right away.. they really care and made me feel comfortable since I walked in the office.. I truly recommend them wonderful lawyers ready to help us and they go hard to help and get justice... They go way beyond to help their clients.”

– Maggie V., November 16, 2020,

“I really had a great experience with this company.  They are very attentive and understanding to your situation. This company is my first choice whenever I have concerns or if I'm put in a bad situation. If I could give more than 5 stars I definitely would!”

– Bianka J., September 5, 2020,

“Prior to making contact with Chantal I was dreading what would follow.  I was unfamiliar with the process but Chantal and her team kept me informed every step of the way.  When I had a question or concern, Chantal was always quick to respond.  Then when COVID-19 hit I was very unsure if a delay would take place, but Chantal assured me it would not be a long delay, as a Zoom meeting could be used, and she was correct.  I can't imagine there is another employment lawyer that is as professional, compassionate, patient, empathetic and down to earth.  I hope I never need an employment lawyer again, but if I do I will be calling Chantal and her amazing team.”

– Teri C., August 31, 2020,

“I cannot begin to say how pleased I was dealing with this law firm - throughout the entire process. They were extremely responsive, professional, and knowledgeable. Not one of those law firms that will bait you int he beginning on quality service. The service was consistent the whole way through. They will calmly listen to the facts and provide sound advice on your legal matters. Chantal is amazing and easily one of the kindest attorney's I have ever spoken to. If you choose this law firm you will be treated exceptionally. I'd give 10 stars if that were an option...”

– Will C., August 26, 2020,

“Chantal and her team truly cared about me not only as a client, but as a human. They fought hard to defend me and give me justice for my wrongful termination, and sexual harassment in the workspace. If you want a lawyer that is not a robot, and cares about justice more than money, look no further.  Chantal and the team at Payton Law won my case, and gave me some closure to traumatic injustices that happened in my life. Special thanks to Chantal, Hayon, and the rest of the team for being on the good side and working to give justice to good people who've had bad done to them.”

– Nathaniel S., June 24, 2020,


“They personally care for their clients.  They are not only great lawyers, they provide great customer service.  Chantal and Marissa come highly recommended!”

– Tim W., June 19, 2020,

“It was a blessing when I met Chantal & her team! After meeting with other attorneys for my case... I had a very good feeling when I met Chantal. I knew right away that she is a good honest person. She is truly passionate about her work and helping people. I soon found out that no matter how busy she is, Chantal and her team always responds in a timely manner. They have been reliable & dedicated the entire time! She listens carefully with patience. Chantal is also direct, honest & upfront about everything. She would answer my questions & explain in detail what my situation & options were. She is professional, kind, smart with outstanding ethics (trust worthy)! She is also a very strong woman & highly educated with confidence to win. We were up against a tough team of dishonest sharks. Chantal & her team stuck by my side never backing down & won my case. She is a rare gem and a beautiful person. Thank you for never giving up & coming through for me! I highly recommend Chantal & her team.”

– Kim M., May 3, 2020,

“Great lawyer. Chantal is a very kind and talented lawyer, especially proficient in employment law and should be able to help you if you have any problems in that area…she always made time to communicate with me…English is not my first language, but she always listened and spoke carefully. In addition, I often hear that when hiring a lawyer, clients can only interact with paralegals and assistants and there is no possibility to talk directly with a lawyer. But, Chantal was mainly available herself…If you think your rights are being violated, call [Payton Employment Law] first and they will help clarify your rights and what you can do.”

– Takashi T., April 4, 2020, &


“I had a work related injury and ended up getting laid off/fired after I recovered. I was referred to [Payton Employment Law] after another firm failed to settle. When I thought it was a lost cause, I reached out to [Chantal's] Office and she surprised me very much. She reassured me she would do everything in her power to settle my case. Within 8-12 weeks she settled my case out of court with a very reasonable settlement. I appreciate you very much [Chantal] and anyone who reads this should definitely give her a call and set up an appointment. Thanks Again!”

– Joseph T., March 31, 2020,

“I heard about Payton Employment Law through a family member. I admit that I was quite nervous about the whole process however, Chantal and her team made me extremely comfortable. She was very thorough, understanding and worked diligently.  Chantal is probably one of the most patient people I have worked with. She took the time to listen to my whole story, and advised me professionally on my options. I had my several moments of worry and anxiety but she was a sincere believer and very reassuring from the start. It was truly such a delight to work with Chantal. She always made herself readily available for all of my questions or concerns. The whole team was attentive regarding my case. Communication was a breeze. Chantal and her team always kept me well informed and followed up through email/phone. I am thankful and appreciative for my experience. Chantal is an exceptional attorney and handled my case with great dignity. I highly recommend Payton Employment Law!”

– Shawna F., February 5, 2020,

“I would highly recommend Payton Employment Law for anyone experiencing work related legal matters.  Contacting Chantal Payton and her team was one of the best decisions I could have done when I found myself in a wrongful civil situation with my past employer.  Chantal and Marissa were very professional the entire time, extremely thorough with all of the details and documentation, explained everything to me step by step and sometimes even multiple times, considerate of my needs and the emotional stress I was facing with this sensitive matter.  They even would break down the legal terms down so that I could better understand without making me feel incompetent.  They gave me honest and direct feedback and stuck to the facts of the case.  The never made a decision without me being involved and always looked out for my best interest. Every time I needed to ask questions, get advice on what/how to respond, next steps, or even if I just needed to vent they were there...even after hours at times; and even after my case was settled successfully in my favor, Chantal still answered my call and emails for some follow-up questions I had and advice I needed and she still keeps in touch with me.  Their response time to emails and phone calls were fast.  I was able to trust them totally to represent me without any doubt.  They fought for me forcefully until I was compensated at the level that I deserved. Although no one wants to have to deal with legal matters, but if I ever have to go through this process again I would call Payton Employment Law without question and highly recommend them to anyone! I have the utmost respect for Chantal, her expertise and wisdom is outstanding. I felt such a sense of safety with them.”

– Jamesa S., January 11, 2020,

“Chantal Payton has assisted me with multiple matters in the last several years and I must say that she exceeded expectations each time. Her diligence, dedication, and skills are unmatched.  She is truly passionate about what she does and sincerely loves helping employees who have been wronged. I highly recommend Chantal and her firm to anyone experiencing problems in the workplace.”

– Sean P., November 30, 2019,  

“Dedicated & Reliable. I am thankful & grateful to have met Chantal & her team. I had a good feeling when I first met Chantal. She is pretty, warm, friendly, smart, kind & patient. She is also a very educated, professional, trustworthy, reliable, dedicated & a very strong person who will fight for your rights. Anytime I had any questions or concerns, no matter how busy she was, Chantal always replied in detail in a timely manner. Thank you Chantal and her team.”

- Anonymous, September 7, 2019,

“Chantal made the process of recovering my lost wages so easy and timely. She involved me in every part of the process and was very patient explaining anything I found confusing. She handled everything so professional and yet still personably. I recommend her to anyone in need of her services. She’s the best!”

- Courtney, July 22, 2019,

“Where do I start, Chantal is very persistent on making sure you're satisfied. She is such a great lawyer and human being. I am definitely a happy client with the proceeds that she has worked hard day in and day out for 2 years to get for me. If you're looking for a great lawyer you've found her. You will not be disappointed!”

– Tyshon G., July 18, 2019,

“Best Employment attorney ever! When I was illegally fired from my job, I hired Chantal to represent me. She really worked hard on my case. Chantal worked evenings and even weekends to get me the best possible outcome. She made me feel like my case mattered and like I was her most valuable client. I highly recommend Chantal for your legal needs!!!!” 

- Dawn, July 16, 2019,


“Chantal is very professional, patient and knowledgeable. I can not speak highly enough about Chantal and her associates. They’ve gone above and beyond to get things done in a timely manner and answer any questions I had, whether it was over the phone or email. Payton Employment Law has exceeded my expectations and they are now my go-to lawyers anytime I have questions or concerns about my employment situations.”

– Mary, May 24, 2019,

“Chantal is an incredibly mindful lawyer who really takes the time to listen to you and your needs as well as your case. She was never pushy or made me feel pressured to do anything I didn’t want. She handled everything with a lot of care and with complete authority. I felt very trusting of her right away and she never led me down an uncomfortable path. You can't go wrong with her on your side.”

– Eliana, April 29, 2019,

“Focus, driven, patient and understanding, Chantal did everything in her power to ensure my comfort and understanding of my case…Chantal's professionalism and understanding was nothing but immaculate. Never once did I feel in the dark or that my case was just another case. Never. As difficult as I know I was sometimes, if there was something I did not understand or needed to change or felt uncomfortable with, Chantal would always take her time to speak with me about my options and even though it wasn't always the option I desired, she would put me at ease with a fully detailed, clear understanding of my case, options & outcome and she was detailed clear and understanding throughout it all. There are people who are in their jobs for the right reason, and she's one of those amazing people who are in their job for the right reason. To truly help people and to make your life a little less nightmarish. I'm so thankful I had the chance to work with her, that she took on my case with confidence and fought for the best outcome for me. I absolutely highly recommend Chantal and Payton Employment Law to anybody who is looking for an astounding lawyer.” 

– Cammy, March 18, 2019,

“Chantal Payton is an absolutely amazing attorney! She handled my case with diplomacy and strength. Chantal was not only extremely understanding, but she was very honest as well. It's hard to find a good lawyer that truly wants what's best for their client, but I have been very lucky to have the opportunity to work with Chantal because she really is one of the few ‘good lawyers.’ She always made sure that I was comfortable in the next step that was being taken and talked me through the whole process. She constantly kept me in the loop and defended me with respect, which is something that I really appreciate about her. At the end of the day, I can say is that I was happy with the end results! I definitely recommend Chantal Payton!”

– Ava, February 28, 2019,

“Par Excellence! I called Chantal not really knowing what to expect. Not only did Chantal speak with me on my first phone call to her. Chantal set up an appointment for the very next day so I could meet with her. If words could only explain how I felt about her validation of me as promptly as she did. I do not think it can be understated of the importance of her ethics. On our initial visit we spent over three hours together. I hired her on the spot! From that day forward Chantal followed threw on every phone call and every email she always said she would. Whenever I would call her office she would always answer me and if not she would call me back quickly. I never waited more than one hour for her. Chantal's knowledge of the law would be explained to me often to put my mind to ease at what was occurring at different stages of our process together. Chantal is extremely hardworking and a compassionate attorney who represents you as if it was her in your shoes. Chantal never mislead me and ultimately won my case for me. It was a journey and I had the best Attorney ever alongside of me. I can say from the bottom of my heart that if anyone is looking for a Par Excellent Attorney. Chantal is the one.”

– Anonymous, June 9, 2018,

“Great communication! Great service! Awesome Person! Chantal was an attorney working on my case. She was very helpful, informative, & helped resolve my case in a timely manner with a great outcome.”

– Anonymous, June 26, 2017,

“Some time ago I hired Chantal McCoy to assist me with my previous employer and I must say she did a great job with my case. I definitely recommend her for any employment issues that one may come across. Her personality is great, she keeps you informed with all updates about your case and she is good with answering any questions or concerns you may have. Good job Chantal!”

– Anonymous, April 24, 2017,


“A superb attorney! I hired Chantal McCoy to handle a case against my former employer who failed to properly pay me. She quickly resolved my case, obtained a reasonable settlement for me, and the whole process hardly took up any of my time beyond my initial consultation with her. I would definitely recommend [Chantal] to anyone that needs assistance resolving their employment dispute. She is smart, down to earth, engaged, helpful, and efficient. She really went the extra mile to explain the process and the law to me, answer my questions, keep me updated, and obtain a good outcome in my case.”

– Anonymous, April 10, 2015,

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