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Laurel N. Holmes Elevated to Managing Partner

Payton Employment Law, PC is delighted to announce the promotion of Laurel N. Holmes, Esq. to Managing Partner of our firm. Laurel has been an integral member of the firm since 2020 and embraces the culture of excellence and integrity which Payton Employment Law, PC stands for. Laurel has been practicing plaintiffs'-side employment law over the last several years and attended law school at the University of San Diego School of Law.

Laurel is a committed advocate dedicated to protecting and furthering employee rights. She represents clients who have suffered unlawful treatment by their employers. She works at every stage to give a voice to those who have been wronged and to make sure employers are held accountable for their actions. Laurel is a passionate litigator dedicated to the merits of each case and adept at using all resources available to reach the best outcome possible.

Laurel has a diverse background in various fields and draws from her understanding of these industries to make sure all claims are thoroughly vetted. This understanding leads to a thorough, well-reasoned approach to litigating each claim. From restaurant workers to office personnel, to employees in the film production and medical services industries, Laurel listens to each client to understand the uniqueness of every position and make sure she is in the best position to advocate for employees at every level and regardless of the industry they work in.

Prior to joining Payton Employment Law, PC, Laurel has worked at law firms in San Diego, Riverside, Los Angeles, and Orange counties while representing clients throughout California. She has helped employees understand their rights and ensured employers are compliant with their obligations. Whether a client has endured discrimination based on race, gender, disability, or age, has been made to work off-the-clock hours then terminated for requesting proper pay, or even faced having their hours cut for requesting protected medical leave, Laurel zealously pursues justice on their behalf.

Laurel can be reached at (661) 434-1144. ext. 704,

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